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Guardianship and Permanency

 Guardianship Social Workers are responsible as legal guardians to urban Aboriginal children who are in continuing care of the Director. The goal of the Guardianship social worker is to find permanency for a child in care as well as to ensure that a child who remains in the care of the agency is afforded the best possible care and opportunity to learn and grow into a healthy young adult.

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The Resource Social Worker provides a range of voluntary services to children and families, as well as recruits new Aboriginal homes, home studies and provides support to caregivers of urban Aboriginal children in permanent care. Almost half of the children-in-care in this province are Aboriginal. Children who are connected to their families, communities and culture do better as adults.

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Surrounded by Cedar Child and Family Services is pleased to offer our Aboriginal Child and Youth Counselling program. This program consists of two parts. The first is our group program which consists of four ten week group sessions a year for urban Aboriginal children in care, their caregivers and families.

The group sessions will cover a range of topics, with a focus on the development of a positive Aboriginal identity, normalizing the experience of being in care, and creating appropriate support systems and resources for the children and youth. The groups will generally be divided by gender and age.

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Over recent decades, it has become evident that Aboriginal children and families have not been served in a culturally appropriate manner. Aboriginal values, traditions, language and culture have continued to decline. Most importantly, is the decline of the traditional role that family and community play in a child’s life and the effects that this may have for their future.

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Cultural Programs at Surrounded by Cedar Child and Family Services: Our Vision: “Our vision is of healthy children who will grow up feeling connected to their families, communities and culture. We will work together toward the day all children and families have the skills, knowledge, education and support to ensure their children and their children’s children will not enter the child welfare or justice systems”.

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